FLUARION HURRICANE Very powerful, light and quiet hair dryer



FLUARION HURRICANE hair dryer is the most powerful, lightest and quietest hair dryer on the market with a negative ion generator.

  • Very Powerful ~ 2000W
  • Extra light
  • Very quiet
  • Up to 120,000 RPM.
  • Even more negative ions.
  • 3 air supply modes.
  • 3 temperature settings + cold air.
  • 3.5- meter long wire.
  • 3 various nozzles included.
  • Suitable for professional use.
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FLUARION HURRICANE- this is a very powerful hair dryer with  negative ions that will take care of your hair. Wet hair has a charge of positive ions, but the air flow emitted by the hair dryer is saturated with negative ions, the static electricity is removed, and smoothness is returned to the hair, they become obedient, look thick and healthy. The main advantages of hair dryers with ionization: antistatic effect, maintenance of water balance, the strands look as if they have been treated with conditioner, ionization can help with the problem of excessively oily scalp. FLUARION HURRICANE - very user-friendly. 3 airflow modes and 3 hot air modes + a cold air mode. There are different nozzles for creating a variety of hair-styles. The long cord and very light weight of the device make it extremely convenient for frequent use. The self-cleaning filter system will not only help you save your time, but also extend the life of the device. FLUARION HURRICANE is an irreplaceable daily assistant for both professional and personal use.
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